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About Us

Private Holdings has created the perfect combination of comfort, support and style with our Sleep Tight gown for women and boxer-briefs for men. 
Our Private Holdings for men (and women too!) are the merger of boxers and briefs. With the support of a brief but the coverage and style of an upscale boxer, these are perfect for bed, lounging around the house or wearing under pants to the office or out on the golf course.
Our new Sleep Tight gown was created to bring support and comfort for the ladies. With a built-in bra, this gown is both supportive and comfortable enough to wear around the house at night or while hanging out watching tv.
So how did we get here? This is a sneak peak into the story of how Private Holdings came to be.

Our Story

Our journey began when my husband decided one morning that traditional boxers just weren’t "controlling the situation" anymore. Shortly thereafter, he began wearing those awful tighty-whities. This wife decided that just wasn’t happening. We decided to sew a supportive brief inside of a traditional and stylish boxer, and Private Holdings was born.  We wanted men to feel like they were sliding into a nice set of sheets at a high-end hotel.
 After more hours than we care to admit looking at men’s underwear, (the Internet police are probably monitoring us now), we decided this indeed was a one of a kind solution for men, boys, and gals of all ages. Private Holdings is for those who don’t like the fit of a boxer, but want the look. Whether your guy is walking around the house or changing in a locker room, Private Holdings provides the the support of a brief, but with the style of a boxer. 

So What Makes Us Different?

 Private Holdings is different than other products out there because we combine comfort with support. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish! When lounging in your boxers or your nightgown, it’s tough to strike that balance of coverage, comfort, support and style. With different colors and patterns to choose from, you can pick the one that’s right for you. On top of that, our boxers with support on the inside can’t be beat, and the Sleep Tight gown comes with a shelf bra and adjustable straps. Women and men, boys and girls can all buy products that are the perfect fit.

Best Features of the Sleep Tight NightGown

- Adjustable straps so the fit is perfect
- Longer in the back than the front so you have plenty of coverage and won’t need to wear a robe to cover up around the house
- A supportive nightgown that includes a bra without the underwire to provide support AND comfort
- 3 colors and patterns to choose from
- There are medical benefits! If you’re recovering from any type of breast surgery, the Sleep Tight supportive nightgown provides enough support for you to heal while staying as comfortable as possible


    Best Features of the Boxer Brief

    - An elastic waistband that has just the right amount of stretch
    - It’s a boxer with a supportive brief so you get the coverage of a boxer but with the necessary support that a boxer alone can’t provide
    - Various patterns and colors to choose
    - Private Holdings is the only boxer-brief combo on the market
    - It looks better and is more comfortable than tighty-whities
    - These are the best underwear for men battling any prostate condition - a boxer with support is key for healing!