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Our Story

Our journey began when one morning my husband decided that traditional boxers just weren’t "controlling the situation" anymore. Shortly thereafter, he began wearing those awful tighty-whities. This wife decided that just wasn’t happening. We decided to sew a supportive brief inside of a traditional and stylish boxer, and Private Holdings was born.  We wanted men to feel like they were sliding into a nice set of sheets at a high-end hotel.
After more hours than we care to admit looking at men’s underwear, (the Internet police are probably monitoring us now), we decided this indeed was a one of a kind solution for men, boys, and gals of all ages. Private Holdings is for those who don’t like the fit of a boxer, but want the look. Whether your guy is walking around the house or changing in a locker room, Private Holdings provides the the support of a brief, but with the style of a boxer. 


 Jackie Jensen Hart, CEO, Founder

As a wife of 31 years, mother of three grown children, former PTA president and retired RN, Jackie felt the next logical step was to start an underwear company. Actually, it was her husband’s insistence on parading around the house in his briefs that sparked her desire to create Private Holdings. Never has it been truer that “necessity is the mother of invention”.
Hollis Hart, CFO
Hollis’ finance background began at a young age in the hard streets of Buckhead in Atlanta. She counted jelly beans in a jar better than all of her play group, and there her career path was set. Hollis later graduated summa cum laude from The University of Georgia Honors Finance Program and went on to work at one of the largest wealth management companies in the world.
Carolyn Candler, Designer
For two solid years of Carolyn Candler’s childhood, she insisted on wearing a pink, rhinestone-embellished dress EVERY day.  It was affectionally named the “diamond dress,” obviously foreshadowing her role in Private Holdings. Carolyn Candler graduated magna cum laude from Auburn University (War Eagle) with a B.S. in Apparel Product Design and Production Management. She earned a minor in International Studies during a semester in Italy. 
Cabell Zakas, Web Designer & Social Media Coordinator
Cabell is a graduate of Westminster and now attends The University of Virginia: class of 2020! She is majoring in Statistics (with a concentration in Econometrics) and Economics. Cabell is excited to continue to pursue her passion and love of web design and Social Media for Private Holdings, all the way from Charlottesville, VA.