Sleep Tight for Nursing Moms

Benefits of Private Holdings Sleep Tight Gown for Nursing Moms

Private Holdings created the Sleep Tight gown to provide the perfect combination of comfort and support for all women. But this combo is most important to young nursing moms and other women who need that extra support around the clock. The Sleep Tight gown allows you to wear your night gown anytime, day or night, while being fully covered yet comfortable while easily being able to nurse. 


Because the Sleep Tight gown has a built in shelf bra, it provides that extra bit of comfort that normal sleepwear doesn’t provide. It isn’t just a nursing top, though, as it’s still practical and comfortable when you’ve moved past the nursing phase. When you spend all of your time taking care of your little human, the last thing you need to be thinking about is what to wear around the house. With the Sleep Tight gown you will be fully covered, even if there’s company around, and you can go right to bed without having to think about changing into different sleepwear. 


Another important aspect for nursing moms to consider is the material they are wearing. The Sleep Tight gown is made with 87% Tencel and 13% Spandex (think bamboo material but better!), so it’s incredibly comfortable for you while being safe for your baby.

Here’s one of our Private Holdings moms showing you how perfect the Sleep Tight gown is for nursing moms. 


Benefits of Private Holdings Sleep Tight Gown Post Mastectomy

Private Holdings isn’t only about adding some style and coverage to sleep wear for nursing moms. The Sleep Tight gown provides comfort when you need it most. Following just about any type of breast surgery, doctors recommend a post-surgical bra that provides more support to wear throughout the healing process. Our Sleep Tight gown is exactly what you need as it combines a soft shelf bra with a nightgown so you can be comfortable and supported.

There are a few main things to look for when shopping for a nightgown/supportive bra following surgery.

  1. Fabric - It’s important to wear a fabric that isn’t going to irritate your skin. Your body is going through a healing process, and you need to make sure you’re using the best materials you can find that are going to promote healing, not hurt it. Our Sleep Tight gowns are made with 87% Tencel and 13% Spandex. The single jersey support bra is 92% nylon. Tencel’s soft material is not only incredibly comfortable, but it’s also environmentally friendly! These gowns are ultra soft and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

  2. Adjustable straps - Private Holdings does come in 4 sizes, but all of our bodies are created different. That’s why the Sleep Tight gown comes with wide adjustable straps. Not only do you have a the comfort of a nightgown with the support of a bra, but the straps ensure that your Sleep Tight gown is a perfect fit. It’s one less thing to worry about as you heal!

  3. Extra support - The Sleep Tight gown comes with a built in shelf bra. This provides just enough support and coverage so you can feel comfortable walking around the house without a robe while also being supported where you need it most. Whether you’ve had post op mastectomy expanders inserted to prepare for future implants or you’re recovering from implant placement, compression and support are highly recommended. Many other products out there have underwire for added support, but all wires should be avoided. Sleep Tight uses supportive fabrics without the need for underwires or hooks.

  4. Comfort - Your body is going to be going through a lot post-surgically. The Sleep Tight gown will allow you to be as comfortable as possible as you rest. With a soft material, just the right amount of support and a customized fit, it’s perfect as you recover.

Private Holdings is your one-stop-shop if you're a woman looking for some extra support. Whether you're a nursing mom or recovering from breast surgery or just want a little more support when you go to bed or lounge around the house, the Sleep Tight gown is exactly what you need.